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NaNoWriMo Here We Come

I actually can’t believe its nanowrimo time again. For those of you who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month where people sign up and attempt to write 50k in the month of November.

I am actually very well prepared this year but I still feel like I was only writing my last nanowrimo post a few weeks ago rather than nearly a year ago.


If you’ve been around on my blog since then you might know that last year I took part for the first time. I chose to write a prequel to a story to help me get to know what I was doing and aimed for 20k instead of the 50. I thought that would be a good way to ease my way in. In the end I won, I did the full 50k which worked out as 13 chapters. That story ended up being 21 chapters and I finished it in July so I figure NaNo worked well for me. It was a brilliant experience but it also left me with an on and off again migraine that lasted about 3 months…. So this time I’m aiming to get six chapters written which at a guess would be about 25k. More would be great but then – migraine – so I’ll see how I go. I’ve planned the whole thing and written a chapter plan that includes a line or two about what happens in each chapter and from whose Point Of View. I’ve also done in depth outlines for the first ten chapters so far. I doubt I’ll write further than that in a month so that’s all I got up to. But, see? I am prepared!

This time I’m writing the actual story that my prequel last year was for. Here’s the tag line which I shared with you a few posts ago:

The crew of the airship, the Princess Blue, enjoy the freedom of the skies but the arrival of a new crew member and torn allegiances force them to confront the boiling tensions back on land.

And here’s a bit more about it:

  • It’s set on an airship, with sails and propellers.
  • The ship is called the Princess Blue
  • Magic!! There’s two types. One that has to do with manipulating materials and one that had to do with manipulating shadows
  • The main cast of characters are the crew. There’s nine of them.
  • They’re basically a family
  • The crews’ ages range from 13-42
  • They’re from a whole host of different backgrounds. Countries, cultures and classes.
  • Also gay, bi and ace rep.
  • There’s no sexism or homophobia because I’m tired of reading fantasy books that use that to create ‘conflict‘.
  • Also no gender roles. Guys and gals can do whatever they want, soldiers/sailors/captains- it doesn’t matter.
  • It’s the first book in a series (or, you know, second if you count the prequel)
  • It’s multiple point of view from four of the crew
  • Cal, Izarra, Alfie and Rocco are the POV characters in the first book


  • The POVs in the next book will be from four different crew members
  • There’s pirates. In the air.
  • Did I mention there was magic?
  • Royalty
  • Religion
  • Betrayal and lots of other happy things


So that’s your overview.

I’m very excited and hopefully that’ll carry till I finish because hell if I don’t find it difficult to stick to one idea at a time!

It doesn’t have a title yet, it’s literally just The Princess Blue – Book 1 right now because I’m rubbish at titles but it will get a proper title at some point…..

Are you doing Nano this year? I’m over on the website as Princess Blue if anyone wants to add me as a buddy. I’d love to hear about what novel you’re working on.

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8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Here We Come”

  1. Exciting! I’ve decided to join this year for the first time, I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and I’d like to get 20k words written I think for my first time as it seems less daunting than 50k. I think I might write a post on it on Wednesday 😊 you’ve inspired me! Good luck for NaNo!

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    1. Oooh. I look forward to reading your post. And yes. I think setting smaller goals is a really good idea. Less daunting and that way we can enjoy it more. And anything written is better than nothing!

      Liked by 1 person

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