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Cross Stitch Update

I’ve made some progress on my Christmas cross stitch. Unfortunately I managed to add two stitches into the middle somehow so its now two stitches wider than my pattern…. I’m honestly not sure how I did that. And it hasn’t ruined anything it just means I have to be very aware every time I start a new section otherwise the edges won’t be straight.

Here’s where I was last time compared to now:


The reason I didn’t go back and fix the extra two stitches is because I went around and did the border of the section and started filling it in before I realised and that was A LOT to unpick so…. I left it.

While that looks like a reasonable amount of progress, I’ve actually been spending most of my stitching time on my Hufflepuff cross stitch. I got it started and then well, it’s just so much fun to stitch that I’ve almost finished it.

Here it is:

I’ve done all the actual cross stitching and all the back stitching on the top. I just have to do the border so that I can sew it together and make it an actual pin cushion. Although, I have finished the black thread I was using but I’m sure I have more of it somewhere…..

I’m very excited to get this done. I’ll probably have it all sewn up and 3d by the end of next week. And that will be all four houses done! I’ll have to think of something else to design after as these were really fun.

Here’s the links to everyone taking part in our three weekly updates for the stitchalong:

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I’m looking forward to checking up on all your progress.


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35 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

    1. Luckily it wasn’t in a complicated place and just meant am extra two columns of blank white stitches. If I’d been using more colours I’m sure it would have been lots more difficult!

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    1. I know, I’m really happy with how it’s going. I was going to leave all the gold until the end but now I’m curious as to how it’ll look….

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  1. Every time I peruse your blog I always think ‘I should get my knitting needles back out, or I should go to the shop and get some aida and actually start cross stitching again’ and never do.

    Love these posts!

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  2. The Christmas cross stitch looks beautiful! I know what you mean, I too have a line or 2 extra in winnie the pooh cross stitch. I don’t think it’s visible and I have to make the adjustment when there’s a mismatch. I’d rather be creative and modify then to unstitch! 😀 Your pin cushion is looking great too, almost done!

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    1. Thank you. I know it’s not noticeable but I’m more worried with me remembering there is an error so it doesn’t get wonky haha.


  3. I’m loving this Christmas cross stitch more and more! It’s awesome 🙂 And honestly I think it looks great, even with extra stitches!
    The Hufflepuff pin cushion is great too!

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  4. I fully expect to see the 3d Hufflepuff pin cushion in the next SAL update. 😉 In fact, I demand to see all four together! My son has recently picked up cross stitching, maybe I can coerce him into making one up for me…

    Meanwhile, good choice of white on red for the seasonal project!

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