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Card Making

I haven’t shown any of the cards I’ve made in what feels (at least to me) like ages so I thought I’d put a few of them in one post.

First off the latest cards I’ve made, I only just taken pics of them this week. But they are these paper cut birthday cards.

These are to go with the brother and sister cards that are already up in my etsy shop from a few weeks ago.



These designs are turning into a bit of a series. I’m thinking of doing a ‘Happy birthday to my best friend’ one next as well as a ‘Happy birthday to my amazing friend’ as well because they’re a bit different even if they sound similar. I’m not sure about what to do after that.

What do you think? What kind of sayings/recipients would you want on a card if you were to buy one? Am I missing something obvious?

I’ve also made some other cards because I’ve had a couple of friend’s birthdays jump up on me recently. These are not going up in my shop as they’re just personal cards but I really like them.

The stamp was sent to me by a twitter friend as she’d bought a job lot of someone’s old stamps and asked if I wanted any. She sent me a whole bunch, mainly sentiments that I can use in my cards but I thought this one would be fun to colour with my copic markers.

I also got to use up some of the scraps from my etsy cards (the coloured band) that were otherwise going to end up in the bin. I’ve been trying to find a user for these for ages so I’m happy I’ve finally found one!

I actually have a few more half done as I figured I might as well stamp the whole piece of card I used. So these will get used at some point soon too.


All ready to go for when I need them. Or well, half ready to go for when I need them! I struggle to figure out which colours to use on the present bit but really liked the blue balloon so did that on all of them.

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7 thoughts on “Card Making”

  1. I love these, especially the paper cut ones. They look really professional!

    Hmm, after friend you could do husband/wife (amazing/fantastic/other adjective), boyfriend/girlfriend. Or if you want a change from the birthday theme how about “Welcome baby girl”, “Welcome baby boy” and “Welcome baby twins”?


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