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Cross Stitching Along

It’s been three weeks since my last cross stitch update which means another post for the stitchalong. Time just flies sometimes but I did manage to get a lot done since last time.

I finished the Gryffindor pin cushion that I shared with you last time. Here it is all finished up.

The design is a little less intricate than the others but I think it represents the house of the bold quite well. And as always it’s up in my etsy shop with the others. Just Hufflepuff to go now.

Finishing that feels like ages ago though because I also started my big Christmas cross stitch project.

It’s really rather large and I’ve had to use safety pins to fold up the edges so they don’t get in the way when I’m stitching. I also started by sewing around the edges on my sewing machine. I normally just use masking tape to stop the edges unraveling but this piece is actually going to get finished properly and I didn’t want the edges to be sticky. It’ll be a wall hanging once its done.


Here is how far I’ve gotten on it. A lot of progress but it is absolutely massive so I wanted to get a good bit done quickly so I don’t lose heart!

I’m using 18 count aida fabric in red, obviously, and it will be mainly white thread but will also have gold in it. I had to wait for thread to be delivered to start it, i did have a couple of cheap brands of white thread but I knew I’d need lots of skeins and didn’t want to risk the white being a different shade of white or a different thickness when I bought more. I don’t know if that would have been a problem but better to be paranoid than to put months of work in and realise I had a problem.


Avis / Claire / Gun / Carole / Kate / Lucyanne / Sue / Constanze / Debbie / Christina / Kathy / Margaret / Cindy / Helen / Steph / Linda / Catherine / Wendy / Mary Margaret / Timothy / Heidi and Connie

Those are the links to the others on the Sal, I’m looking forward to seeing what progress you all have made. And we are always happy for new folks to join in.

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41 thoughts on “Cross Stitching Along”

  1. lovely pin cushion and yes, a good idea to use the same brand of white because whites do differ. I tend to prefer DMC B5200 (I think that’s the ref) for white as it’s a brighter white than their “blanc”.

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    1. I think I got the blanc but I’m not sure off the top of my head. One of the two was out of stock so I just went with the other! Haha.


  2. I always love seeing your pincushions!
    This Christmas project is going to be absolutely stunning! Very sophisticated and just enough bling by the sounds of things. I can’t wait to see this one progress. And I think you have made a wise decision making sure you have enough supplies before starting. Dye lot changes can be quite the problem!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. It’s always a lovely feeling finishing things! Especially when your other project is going to take ages!!!


    1. It’s actually really easy to work with. Or at least I’m finding it that way. I think it helps that I’m using such a contrasting thread.

      Liked by 1 person

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