Summer Holidays Mean Family Fun

I know I pretty much say this every month but I can’t believe its August already! With it being August comes the summer holidays which are a perfect opportunity for family to visit. They’ll all be arriving this weekend, my brother just for a couple of days but everyone else for the week.

I’m really looking forward to going out for dinner with everyone on Saturday, it’s been so long (and I mean years) since I’ve been well enough/circumstances have been right for me to go out to eat with them so it should be great and we’ll be going to my favourite restaurant (table already booked for the eight of us). I might even managed to sneak across the road at the end of the week for another meal at their hotel but we’ll see how I feel then.

But with bro coming to stay with us some cleaning up needs to be done as this is the state of our spare room right now:


That’s his bed… Well, it’s under there somewhere. It’s right next to the table where I do my sewing and it’s just SO convenient to throw things on it…. To be fair, it’s not ALL my stuff, I mean, most of it is, but not ALL of it. So that has to get tidied up (and no, I’m not suggesting that I’m going to do it, just that its going to get done).

Hopefully the weather will be lovely and sunny and the food will be yummy and there will be ice cream.

In other news, I did manage to get out for lunch last week to my favourite cafe and to pop into the craft store. I was very good and only got some more quilting thread for my sewing machine although I did have a look around the yarn section.

Now that summer holidays are here, how is everyone doing? Anyone have any plans? What are you all up to this week?

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13 thoughts on “Summer Holidays Mean Family Fun”

  1. Our spare bed looks a lot like that, except it’s clean laundry that’s piled up on it. I’ll wash it, but I’m lazy about putting it away!

    I’m neither a teacher nor a student so I don’t get summer holidays. This week I am working, Sunday is my birthday, then next week I am working, then it’s FINALLY my turn for time off – two weeks holiday here I comeeee!

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  2. I have had the whole spring/summer off 😉, so am gearing up for fall. Hoping for one more camping trip, but in the meantime I have an open house to prep for on Monday, lessons to schedule and a possible consulting project. All of a sudden, things got really busy, and the garden hasn’t even started yet, so it’s going to get a little crazy before September I think, but it is all good!!

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  3. Good luck with the cleaning xD Earlier this week my boyfriend and I moved house, so we’ve been super busy packing and then unpacking so sadly I haven’t had much time for blogging or crafting but hopefully I can get back into it soon! xxx

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    1. Oooh. I hope everything went well?
      The cleaning has been done (not by me, I hid in my room and when I came out the flat was clean but I did hear a lot of swearing lol)

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