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First Draft Finished!

I interrupt my usually scheduled posts (… Who an I kidding?) to say I have officially finished writing my first ever first draft for the story I was writing!



I started out during NaNoWriMo in November (posts about it here and here) then wrote one chapter a month until now. Nine months after I started, it’s done… Well, first draft is written anyway!


Officially it stands at 102,000 words (when I say officially I mean that’s what Microsoft word is telling me the word count is). That’s a fair bit longer than I was expecting but then I was expecting to be writing a few short stories rather than one coherent prequel but here we are!

I actually can’t believe I did it. I’ve started a few stories before but never got beyond writing a couple of chapters so I’m really proud of myself for setting it through to this stage.

But now for editing and then writing the actual first book in the story because, as I said, this was just the prequel. I think the most difficult thing will be sticking with this story for another year and not getting distracted by any other ideas that pop up. (Because I have a lot and they’re all shiny and new.)

And on to the celebration part…

I’m planning on going out to my favourite cafe for lunch (and a chocolate milkshake) next week, then popping across to the craft store next door to it to pick up a couple of things, that’s all health permitting of course. Fingers crossed I feel well enough and I don’t wear myself out doing happy dances before then!

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12 thoughts on “First Draft Finished!”

    1. I have honestly no idea but that doesn’t sound like a universal rule to me. Maybe just that publishers preference?


  1. Wow, you rock! As a person who has started a lot of writing projects and abandoned them all halfway, I understand your struggle. I’m proud of you for finishing this book! And yes to the chocolate milkshake!

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