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Cross Stitch Update

First off I want to say thanks for all of the advice I got on my last cross stitch update. I’ve given a few of the ideas a go since then but I have to say it hasn’t gone well.

I tried back stitching in brown like a couple of you suggested, then green as well and neither looked right to me. Finally I tried back stitching in one thread of black again and it looks the best out of the options I’ve tried but looking at it now (The whole of the left side has been backstitched, about a third of the piece)


I honestly think it looks better without. So I’m going to leave it without any back stitching. The only thing I hate more than back stitching is unpicking back stitching so I have that to look forward to before I can finally take pictures of it in a frame.

Between the attempts of back stitching, to keep me sane, I have started another project. It’s another pin cushion. And this is how far I’ve gotten on it.


It’ll be the Gryffindor version of my house pin cushions. I have to say I really enjoy making these, they’re simple and quick to stitch and actually making them 3d is very easy and enjoyable too.

I decided to wait until my Peter pan cross stitch is fully finished before starting my next big cross stitch project but I may start that for the next update. We’ll see how it goes.

This update is part of a stitchalong group that posts every third Sunday. We’re always open to new people joining and we all stitch whatever projects we choose rather than sticking to a set thing.

Here are the links of everyone taking part:

Avis / Claire / Gun / Carole / Kate / Lucyanne / Sue / Constanze / Debbie / Christina / Kathy / Margaret / Cindy / Helen / Steph / Linda / Catherine / Wendy / Mary Margaret and Timothy

Time differences mean some may post later than others but there’s loads of cool projects to check out.

Bloglovin / Twitter / Etsy Goodreads

32 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Update”

  1. good luck with unpicking back stitch ^^ I always do it with the eye end of the needle, and from the back, to prevent catching any threads on the front.

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      1. Peter Pan is my fave, I have the books had a pair of shoes commissioned with Peter Pan artwork…only trouble is, I’m scared to wear and ruin them 😂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad that most people are agreeing with me. I’m so done with bs! I’ll save it to be done on a good day lol


  2. I prefer it without as well. It makes it look much more “fairytale”, if that makes sense. Most of my fairytale books as a child had very soft color pencil or water color drawings, so it just seems “right” to me. 🙂


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