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I saw this over on twitter and I really enjoyed reading through the questions. The tag is hosted by @ScarletteWilder on twitter. Instead of posting an answer a day throughout the month of June on twitter like you’re supposed to, I thought it would make a good blog post instead. I don’t talk about writing that much and thought it would be a fun post to do. So let’s get started:

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1. About how old were you when you stayed writing?

I’ve seen a lot of people answer those saying something really young but honestly, I didn’t really start writing until I was about 14-16.

2. What is the first story you remember writing?

I remember as part of my English class when I was in year 10 (14/15) we had to write a ghost story. I ended up writing a horror story about someone abducting people and hanging them from a tree in the woods and draining them of blood…. And then I remembered it was supposed to be a ghost story so added something like and now the woods are haunted by the victims at the end of it. Whoops. I’m sure my teacher was worried about me. After that, when I got sick, I remember writing a few scenes of me just waking up/relaxing in some really lovely places like by a waterfall or on the beach.

3. What is it that made you want to write?

Escapism. I like being other people in other situations, it’s interesting. Whenever I have time to think I’m always somewhere else.


**WIP means Work In Progress

4. What would you do if you had to stop writing?

Right now, I’d be mega bummed because I’m one chapter away from finishing my first full draft of something.

5. What is the most active WIP’s you’ve had going at the same time?

Well, actually writing wise, I’m writing two stories at the moment. An original story and a harry potter fan fiction. But story idea wise, I have at least 30 that run through my head. I’ll visit all of them and spend time in them. It’s a constant thing, I’m always in one of them. Some are more developed than others, some I’ve written notes down for, others are just scenes or small situations that are interesting.

6. Imagine you had to switch the genre you write. What do you write now?

I think I’d probably give contemporary a go. It’s probably the furthest from fantasy/scifi. It’s not something that I ever thought I’d write but recently I’ve had some story ideas for them. I’m not really sure I could do it well because I really don’t read that much real world contemporary stuff but it’d be good to try.

7. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever searched for in the name of writing?

Haha. …. I look up broken bones and serious injuries a lot but I think that’s natural for a writer? For my current wip I was looking up a lot of physics and chemistry. Oh. Probably temperature changes due to altitude? Just so you know, it gets 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit colder ever 1000 feet you go up…. I’m not sure about weirdest but that’s probably the most specific thing I’ve ever looked up.

8. You’re computer crashes. Everything on it is unsalvageable. Be honest, do you have a backup?

Yes! I’m pretty paranoid about it actually. I just know that if I lost everything I would never have the motivation to start again so it’s really important. I have them saved on my computer and two different clouds as well.

9. Have you ever missed work/class etc. Because of your writing?

I didn’t really start writing until after I got ill and I’m housebound/bedbound so have never really had any commitments to put off. I do put my life on hold sometimes, but its only things that I choose to do rather than anything important.

10. We’ve all written in weird places but what’s the weirdest place you’ve ever written?

I haven’t, like I said I’m bedbound most of the time, so I write in bed. I think about what I’m writing in the shower, I guess I’ve written in a hotel room bed on holiday before but that’s it.

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*MC means Main Character

11. Does MCs name have deeper meaning behind it?

I really love looking up name meanings but sometimes you just know a characters name straight away. It’s like they introduce themselves. My MC’s fake surname is O’Broin though, Broin is apparently Celtic for raven and he has raven coloured hair. But other characters in my story do have more meaningful names (and others have less meaningful names!). It all depends on what sounds right.

12. MC is dead now. Who becomes the new protagonist?

That’s a really good question. It’s an ensemble so there are multiple main characters anyway but I think it would be either Allie, his best friend or Alfie, the love interest. It would be really interesting to switch to one of the other people though as it would be a completely different take on everything.

13. How would the story change if MC was gender swapped?

It honestly wouldn’t change much? The world is really unequal but not at all in gender roles. So he’d be a she but that’s pretty much it.

14. Is MC your favourite character?

No. I love my main characters (for both my original story and my harry potter fan fiction) but I always seem to love the best friends and love interests more. I guess that’s natural though, right? If your main character is who you are telling the story through, then you are going to like ‘your’ best friend or lover more than yourself. Normally.

15. Who sees MC as the villain of the story?

A whole hell of a lot of people. I’d say almost most people. Actually this is true in both stories haha.

16. What makes MC worth reading about?

It’s to do with the above actually. I just really like writing conflicted / grey characters. Is it right or is it wrong? Are they good because they want to help or are they bad because they’ve made bad decisions? Are they good because they know what they’re doing is right even if everybody else thinks they are bad? Is it cowardly or is it brave? Hmmm, questions, questions.

17. The most important person to MC was just murdered. How does MC handle it?

Answering both ways to prove that I’m not just writing the same story in two different universes! In my original story he’d carry on and pretend he was fine. He’d die inside but he’s been dying inside for a while now so that’s nothing new. For my harry potter fan fiction he would literally curl up in a ball and just stop because keeping them safe was literally the only thing he was trying to do.


18. Does your story take place in our world or another?

Another world. It’s more interesting that way. Also, I like making things difficult for myself, okay?

19. Is your time period most reminiscent of the past, present, or future?

Past, although they are rather advanced in chemistry because of the magic system that I made up.

20. What is the biggest difference between the world in your story and the real one?

Magic, flying airships sailing through the sky? Yeah, probably those.

21. How about supernatural/alien creatures? Got any of those running around?

Well, I have magic and a type of magic that people think makes you a demon but no creatures, not really. Also a goddess of the religion. Religion is supernatural, right?

22. Is superstition prevalent in your world?

Yes, extremely. People are a lot less likely to go out at night unless the stars are shining because they think the goddess can’t protect them in the dark. Also they think some people are demons so…

23. How likely is something like the witch trials to occur in your world?

Very likely, see demons…

24. Imagine a highly contagious and very lethal viral infection is spreading through your world. How is it combated?

They’d find the right chemicals to combine to kill it and everyone rich would be fine but they’d probably only give the cure to the poor in exchange for work/subservience.


25. Are you a The Sims fan?

No, actually. I always really liked building the houses and the people (I’d spend ages imagining the people) but I never liked playing the actual game.

26. Be honest, do you control your story or do your characters?

My characters have absolute control. Save me!

I make up the world/situation and put the characters there and they decide what happens. I don’t even fully make up my own characters, they just introduce themselves and let me find out more about them.

27. How do you keep your characters in line when they are misbehaving?

There’s a way to do this? They do what they want.

28. Have you ever gone on a torture/killing spree in a novel because you’ve had a bad day in real life?

I have honestly never needed an excuse to be mean to my characters. I’m a very, very mean god.

29. Have you ever gotten into a fight with your current MC?

No, I love them all too much. I’m more likely to want to hug them until they feel better than to be angry at them.

30. Have you ever broken up with an MC and had to suspend the WIP or change the protagonist out?

No but that’s a horrible thought.



These were actually really fun to answer and I hope they were interesting to read. If any of these answers made you want to ask me any questions then feel free to do so in the comments. I’d love to hear some of your answers too and if you want to look up more people answering these then the hashtag on twitter is #WIPrevelations

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