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A Return

I’m back!! Okay so I got back from holiday last week but this is the first time I’ve gotten on the computer since so hello everyone! I’ve been catching up with all of your blogs and comments (which I admit was a little daunting after not having WiFi for two weeks). I haven’t actually written a blog post for longer than that but thank god for the queue function. Anyway enough intro rambling and onto the main body of rambling.

Before I left we got some DVDs to watch on holiday and I also downloaded some movies off of Amazon prime for the flights. And I just have to ask; do Amazon prime have a deal with Norwegian films? I downloaded four films for the flight and two of them turned out to be Norwegian with English subs. They were both pretty good (shout out to The Shamer’s Daughter which was actually great) and it turns out reading subtitles on a plane really does distract you from the flight. But it would have been nice to be told that they weren’t English before I downloaded them. We also watched John wick while we were there and if you like Die Hard I think you’ll like it. Although, the dog. Maybe don’t watch it if you have a dog.

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Speaking of pets; the villa we stayed in had a local hustler. This rather adorable three legged cat that my dad decided to call Tripod. I call him a hustler because he has the loudest meow that I have ever heard. He’d go around the villas in the complex meowing outside doors to get attention and food. But he was so friendly and cute that you couldn’t really blame him.

I took a bit of crochet away with me. A basketweave crochet scarf but I didn’t get very far with it.


I’m just really not feeling it. I think I used a hook that was too small because the fabric is just really dense and not soft or drappey at all. Dad, who the scarf is for, says its fine and it’ll soften more when washed but…. I don’t like it. Which means I’m not really stitching it. But I also HATE frogging something and starting again. As in, I hate it so much I never redo it. So I’m not sure what to do. Keep going and just accept that dad likes it so that’s okay even if I don’t think it is okay. Rip it and start again with a larger hook hoping that that fixes it and that I can find the motivation to redo it or find a different stitch to make him a crochet scarf?

I also want to say that I did good and didn’t buy anything until I got to the airports in the return trips. First up in Lanzarote, I promised myself that I would not buy my friends any more silly little Lanzarote trinkets because I go to the same place every year and they must have shelves overflowing with them by this point. But. I saw some at the airport and they just…. I only bought a couple. Okay. I think that’s an improvement. And then we have the flight from London back to Guernsey (because there are no direct flights) so I ended up in the Hema store at London Stansted like I do EVERYTIME. And it stole my money AGAIN because stationary. I bought some plain notebooks that I’m planning on customising for presents. It wasn’t even my fault, because I wasn’t going in (I’d actually said no when my mum asked me if I wanted to go in) but then my dad wanted to go into another shop and there was no point me just waiting beside the shop and not going in….

So I need to think up some phrases and designs for the covers to cut out of vinyl for them.


I realise this wasn’t really about my time on holiday but there really isn’t much to say there. It was sunny, I ate a lot of yummy food (mainly ice cream and bbqs,….. Biscuits, Popcorn and chocolate too) floated in the pool, read a lot of books, watched some films, still love Lanzarote and generally had a lovely time.

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12 thoughts on “A Return”

  1. I thought for one minute that you’d adopted a cat ^^
    re scarf for your Dad . . . will you be using 2 balls or just one? Because if you’ll need 2, I would try crocheting the other ball on a slightly larger hook just for a couple of rows, to see how pattern looks, and if it looks better, then carry on with a larger hook and unravel what you’ve done so far when you need the second ball. (that’s what I did with my recent beanies, when I was wondering about whether to crochet in spiral or in rounds & ss.)

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    1. Hehe. I’m sure my mum would have stolen him if she could. She says she’s not a cat person but she lies.
      I’ve only got one big ball of yarn I’m afraid. The more I look at it the less I like it so I’ll definitely be ripping it. Haven’t decided what to do after that yet though.


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