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Cross Stitch SAL update

Exciting milestone alert!

No I haven’t finished a piece but I have finished a section of a piece. The first leaf is done! (as well as a couple little forays north with the left over threads) And I’ve moved onto doing a little of the green leaves at the bottom too. Here’s where I was last time:


and compared to where I am now:

WP_20170304_16_23_32_Pro 1

There’s definitely some colour changes that you can’t see so I’ll have to edit that on the pattern but for the most part I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking so far. And I love that I have finally moved onto some of the green.

I’ve also been playing around with another idea that isn’t up to sharing yet but all I can say is I have remembered just how much I hate stitching over two! Unfortunately the design needs to be done like that so I will have to put up with it.

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26 thoughts on “Cross Stitch SAL update”

  1. Cross stitch is amazing to me – I tried many many years ago to have a go at it but did not seem to have a talent for it. This is coming along so beautifully. I love how you get the shading effects with the different colored thread. The green really made the other colors pop!

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