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A Birthday Present and Heat Transfer Vinyl

At the end of last month it was my brothers birthday. I didn’t have any great ideas for a present so I ended up asking him if he wanted anything particular. Well he did. He said he wanted a laundry basket… Which might just be the most boring present I’ve ever been asked to buy for someone but he asked if I could stitch something on it like the cushion I gave him for Christmas.wp_20161209_16_46_23_pro

I honestly wasn’t sure how I’d go about stitching on something already made. It would be pretty hard but he’d also only told me about two weeks before his birthday which isn’t enough time for me to stitch anything so I compromised.

I have a bunch of heat transfer vinyl that I got for my last birthday and hadn’t gotten around to using yet so I thought this would be the perfect project to use them on.

After browsing pinterest for a suitably funny quote I went on my computer to design it and then cut it out.img_4747

At this point I also cut out a practice project for two reasons, 1) I only had one sheet of white heat transfer vinyl so I wanted to make sure I could cut it properly without ruining it and 2) so that my mum could practice ironing the heart transfer vinyl onto something before we tried it on the laundry basket.

I had a cheap tote bag that I’d bought over a year ago for exactly this purpose so I fished that out and I didn’t want to spend too long trying to think of something to put on it or spend to long designing it. I knew I wanted something to do with water, be it a swimming pool, the ocean, the beach – something like that as I wanted to use the blue heat transfer sheet I had. Well, I was listening to Jump in the Pool by Friendly Fires at the time so…. That’s what I did! I added a few swimming pool waves underneath to make it a little bit more interesting. Then set it to cut.

Luckily it cut perfectly and was super easy to weed out the bits I didn’t want so I went back and cut out the design I had made for the laundry basket.

Here they are cut and weeded:

Once that was done it was time to iron them on. Mum didn’t have any trouble on the tester so we went on to the laundry basket which was a group effort. It was rather large so dad had to hold it up while mum ironed on the vinyl to the lid. (if your wondering, my part was watching them).

Here it is:

That’s the only pic I got before we packaged it up again and sent it off to my brother. Suitably funny quote to make it a little bit less boring!

I really enjoyed using the heat transfer vinyl so I’m sure I’ll do more of it.


I also made my brother a card along the washing theme to go with it. He bought me a Manchester United shirt with my favourite player on the back for Christmas so I included that on the washing line. I don’t think it’s one of my best cards but it’s good to do something different every now and then and it definitely went along with his present.

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8 thoughts on “A Birthday Present and Heat Transfer Vinyl”

  1. I love the card, it feels very me-ish.
    I want to try out vinyl but I have about $1k worth of paper and feel like I have to use it. But vinyl seems kinder to the blade and whole process from my perspective?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It actually reminded me of some cards you made a couple of years ago for a baby shower 🙂
      Haha. I could totally send out a little piece of vinyl for you to try out if you want? Although once you love it you might never use all that paper!


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