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Table Runner Update

At the start of the month I decided to make a table runner to practice my quilting and to test out all my new quilting goodies that I got for Christmas. I also wanted to test out my poplin cotton against regular quilting cotton to make double sure it would work (instead of finding out a few months into making my quilt it didn’t!). Thanks to everyone who responded on my starting to quilt post about poplin. It was very helpful.

I want to show you how far I’ve gotten. Well, I’ve finished the top pieces:


The pattern is very loosely based on a tutorial by Missouri Quilts. And by that I mean I watched the video…. At some point…. A couple of months ago…. Okay so I basically just took the idea and hashed the sizing because I’m honestly so bad at following a pattern. The extra effort of looking at a pattern is that bit too much effort. I’m a perfectionist but only once I’ve finished and I’m looking back at my work, when it comes to the actual doing I’m lazy, I cut corners.

The actual presents should probably be smaller and the sashing should be bigger I think but its alright.  These blocks are actually a lot more complicated than the blocks I’ll be using for my quilt. Which I guess just shows how simple they are going to be!

So far the poplin is working fine. I’m using my new 1/4 inch foot and it’s definitely making things neater. I’ve cut the backs (Green) and the insulated batting and i will be quilting it this month. Or at least starting to. I’m going to use my walking foot for the first time to stitch in the ditch around the presents and then… Okay I’m not sure what else I’m going to do but it will be using my free motion foot as I need to see how that works.

Once all three are quilted, I’m going to use a join as you go method to turn the individual blocks into a table runner. But I’ll show you an update before that point. It’s a pretty good amount of work for me to get all three blocks done in a month. Although I’m sure my mum would prefer me to go slower as she is the one that has to press all the seams for me.

For my quilt I will have three different blocks for each of the six fabrics so if I can manage to do the blocks for one fabric a month that would be great. Of course then I’d need to quilt them too… I’m starting to think it might take me more than a year!


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9 thoughts on “Table Runner Update”

  1. Good for you Jessica! Every time you sew, you will become more precise, quicker and gain a better understanding of how you can accomplish your goal with the most efficient effort. I suggest you consider chain piecing things, if you haven’t already, as you begin the larger projects. It will allow you to get more seams finished in one sitting, and will probably be easier for your mom to help with, because it will be the same press job done multiple times. 😄

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