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First Cross Stitch Finish of 2017

I have a finish to show you!

Not only did I manage to finish the stitching for my pin cushion, I also managed to actually finish the pin cushion.

Here it is fully stitched and also fully finished.

And some close ups:

I’m really happy with it, I hashed the counting a little in that the detail on the sides was suppose to line up but for some reason that I can’t remember I decided to make it a slightly different size to the pattern I made. But oh well, at least it all fit together properly.

I’m looking forward to making the other houses too. Ravenclaw is in the early stages of being designed. But I’ve already lined up a pretty massive next project. After months of work I’ve finally finished a Peter pan quote design which is what I’ll be stitching for…. A while!

It’s got 25 different colours in it which is ten more than I’ve ever used for one project before and even that wasn’t something I’d designed myself. (It was 30 but I managed to get it lower!) I dutifully went through my stash looking for which ones I had so I could buy the others and in the end I only had one! I had to buy the other 24 but at least I already had the fabric. I’ll be stitching it on 18 count white aida.

Here’s a sneak peak of all the colours next to each other.

The stitch along is run every three weeks which gives us all enough time to get something done and you can stitch whatever you want.

Here’s the links of all the others taking part:

Avis / Claire / Gun / Carole / Kate / Lucyanne / Sue / Constanze / Debbie / Christina / Kathy / Susan / Margaret / Cindy / Helen / Steph / Linda / Catherine / Wendy

You should check them all out as there’s so many different awesome projects going on and we’re always up for new members.

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32 thoughts on “First Cross Stitch Finish of 2017”

  1. If anything needs a spell on it, it’s surely a pincushion! Great design! I went for a more practical solution a while ago and got one of those magnetic pinholders … drop the pin in the vicinity of it and it will magically end up where it belongs.

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  2. Hurray for another finish! LOVE the pin cushion! It turned out lovely. What did you fill it with and how did it get such a nice box shape? Did it come naturally with the stitch design?

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    1. Thanks, and it was just regular poly toy stuffing. Yes it was just the design I made. I did finger press the folds before stitching it together to help though.

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    1. I designed the cross stitch pattern myself so double thank you for saying you like it!
      I’m going to be selling it in my etsy shop very soon but unfortunately I haven’t quite finished the tutorial part for how to make the finished cross stitch into the pin cushion. It will be finished next week though and I can include the link in the next SAL update next sunday so you can take a look if you want.


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