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Cross Stitching SAL

Last Sal I showed you my finished piece but I’ve got it in a frame now (I did it myself so its not very brilliantly done) and I thought I’d show you it again! If the frame looks familiar it’s because I’ve only got one and they each take their turn in it for a photo before being relegated to a draw somewhere.img_4510

On to some actual stitching. I’ve started my new harry potter, Slytherin themed pin cushion that I was talking about last time. Here’s how far I’ve gotten:

It doesn’t look like much but I have a feeling this is going to go quite quickly, or at least the cross stitching will. The backstitching and the joining might take me a while. Luckily I had all the supplies and the right coloured thread in my collection so I could start out right away and not have to spend anymore money.

These are all the other lovely stitchers talking part in the SAL. You should take a browse of their blogs to see what projects they’re doing and a special hello to our new member.

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I’m really not sure how much cross stitching I’m going to be doing this month as there are other things I’m concentrating on. I’m using national novel writing month as an excuse to start writing some short stories down, and obviously with Christmas coming I’m trying to get some presents done and wrapped and then there’s cards to make and… Well. I’m just saying the next update probably won’t be much further than this.

I do hope that I’ll manage to make an old cross stitch into a cushion by then though so I might have that to show you. A question. I seem to have a lot of questions lately. When turning a cross stitch into a cushion do I need to put something against the back of the stitching to protect it from the cushion filling being pulled in and out? A layer of fabric? Some fusible thing or other?

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21 thoughts on “Cross Stitching SAL”

  1. I think this should stay in the frame for a while to encourage you! To answer your question about the pincushion: it depends what you stuff it with. If polyester fibre fill, then yes, it would be a good idea to line it with fabric. Definitely not fusible, which will make it hard to stab the pins in. If you’re using a granular fill of some sort, you probably don’t need a liner.

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    1. I really don’t need the encouragement. I’m already eating too much because of the colder weather!

      I meant an actually cushion not a pincushion. Sorry wasn’t very clear about that. I’m planning on making an envelope cover with one of my old cross stitches. Should I put something against the back of my stitches for that?

      I never even thought of adding something to the pincushion!


      1. My bad, I didn’t read it properly! But yes, you should put a liner against the back of the embroidery panel for a cushion too, the fabric you stitched on isn’t as durable as regular fabric, and the lining will help it maintain its shape and prevent excessive wear.

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  2. Your Haery Potter has me intrigued. Looking forward to it. Cushions, I would line it. But thats my choice. You could use anything light coloured do you dont see through the aida holes 😀 also ask as many questions as needed. Were all here to learn & support each other.

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  3. Ooh Harry Potter! Can’t wait to see more of that progress! I have been slowly building my floss stash too, so and future project is ready to start 😀

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    1. I’m not purposefully building my stash (although I probably should) these colours are actually from the slytherin colours I used in my hogwarts crest cross stitch last year.

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