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It’s finally time to eat some cake

It’s time for our stitchalongs three week post and I have a finished piece to show!

Get the cake out:IMG_4431.JPGI’m going to be having some yummy lemon cake I think. How about the rest of you? What’s your favourite cake?

It’s obviously not washed or ironed yet as you can see where its just come out of the hoop but I only just finished this one.

I really loved stitching on this fabric. It’s a lovely colour and it was 16 count so no tiny holes to make my eyes go square!

As for what’s next, well. I said last time I had no idea what I was going to do but thankfully that’s cleared up. I saw someone (I have no recollection who I’m afraid) post about a biscornu pin cushion they had stitched together a couple of weeks ago. So rather than finish one of the 5 designs I have on the go I decided to start a new one for a pin cushion, which is just what I need as I’ve started using my sewing machine and at the moment I’m using a cheap ball of yarn as a pin cushion.

It was really quick to design and its ready to get stitched. It’s harry potter themed, because why not? (which brings me to another question actually, where do you stand on selling copyright stuff? I’ve always stayed away from designing anything that isn’t public domain. But one search on etsy brings up hundreds of harry potter cross stitch patterns for sale which tells me no one else bothers with this.)

I just have to decide which fabric I’m going to use. I’ve never made anything 3D before so this should be interesting. Hopefully it goes well.

Here’s everyone else who is taking part in the Sal. They should have loads of great stitchy posts up today too that you can check out. We also have a new member, Margaret. Hi!

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16 thoughts on “It’s finally time to eat some cake”

  1. a gorgeous design on a gorgeous coloured fabric ^^
    hmmm copyright – I reckon, since you obviously have talent to design your own designs, to stick to designing original stuff for your etsy shop and not stoop to what others do (ie, infringing copyright laws).

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  2. Congratulations on the finish! What will you do with the finished piece? As for copyright, I’m interested as well and it’s hard to understand it fully.

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  3. It’s a fun piece, as if I needed any encouragement to eat cake. My favourite’s my own GF chocolate orange torte, very rich and delicious.
    As for copyright; if I’d invented or designed something, and then the whole world ran off with the idea and started selling it as their own, I’d be a bit down in the mouth about it. Do the right thing, and stick to your own original ideas, you’re certainly creative enough 🙂

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    1. Oh yum! That sounds delicious. I want some!
      It’s funny you should say that, if I wrote a book and people made art about it if be pretty happy even if they were making money with it.
      I wouldn’t normally even think about it but i guess I feel like because it’s Harry Potter and pretty much half of etsy stuff is Harry Potter lol. Anyway, I haven’t even made it yet.


      1. Er. Yes! Haha. Mums going to be busy making Christmas cakes soon but I’m sure I can convince her to make this as well 🙂


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