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August wrap up


I don’t normally do monthly wrap up posts as, honestly, not enough happens in my life to warrant them. But August was a very busy month for me so here we are.

We had three lots of visitors around this month. It’s not so easy for family to visit anymore as we are a (rather expensive) plane ride away but it was lovely seeing them.14045998_10157263191520177_8038095067380638530_n I don’t have any photographs from any of their stays (I know I’m such a bad blogger!). The only photo I have to show you is this one that my brother took of us for snapchat. Radical Dude.

Over the course of the month, I managed to go out to dinner twice! I left the house twice in one month. I think that’s definitely a record that’s been unbroken for years!

I paid for them both but they were worth it, I’m only sorry I didn’t manage to go out with all three lots but I was very ill the week going up to when they came and I just didn’t manage to recover in time.

It was lovely seeing everyone and the weather was really nice the whole time as well so that was great.

I didn’t get much of anything done nearly all month apart from reading as that’s something I can do when I’m recovering (You can check out what I read in august here, there’s quite a few as it’s pretty much all I did).

Over the last few days of august I did pick up a bit and managed some crochet. I probably shouldn’t have done as I should still have been resting but there is only so much resting a girl can take before boredom makes her impulsive.

Iinsta1 finally stuffed my crochet ball and finished it. The ball part is finished anyway. There’s lots more to do but I won’t be sharing any more pictures of it after this stage as you’ll start to be able to see what it is and it’s suppose to be a surprise present.

There are some weighted pellets in the bottom of it so that hopefully it stands upright once its finished but we’ll see because they weren’t actually that heavy but I’ve never used them before so wasn’t sure which ones to buy.

I also got around to starting a lap blanket for my mum. I’ve been umming and ahhing about it for a while but I couldn’t decide whether to do the granny stripe or the granny square blanket. I took a look at my yarn stash as I want to use up some of the special DK sltylecraft that I used on my tunisian crochet blanket.instaOnce I picked out some of the colours that I thought would go well with each other (I don’t have that many left so while this wouldn’t have been my first choice colours for a blanket, I think they go well enough together), I realised that if I were to do a granny square I would probably end up having to switch colours mid rows which is something I didn’t want to do so I settled on doing the stripe.

After doing a few rows I decided that the yellow didn’t go and took it out. I’m sure I took a picture of the yellow looking all out of place but I seem to have lost it. This is how far I’ve gotten so far:wp_20160908_14_19_46_pro


Phew, well that’s a very busy month for me. What have you gotten up to? Any new projects? Any family visiting/visited?

As much as I loved seeing them all, I’m quite looking forward to having a slower month in September and hopefully spending some of my spare energy on giving my newly fixed sewing machine a whirl.

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4 thoughts on “August wrap up”

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m also looking forward to seeing what the white ball turns into lol. I’m hoping it’ll look good.


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