The Move – One Year On

It’s officially been a whole year since we upped sticks and made the move from our house in East London to our ground floor flat in Guernsey (Okay, so it’s actually been more like one year and four days but I’ve been ill).

I’m not sure I can explain just how much my life has changed but I’m going to try! This wouldn’t be that good a blog post if I didn’t, would it?


To start with I’m going to mention an ME awareness post that I did about a year and a half ago now. I was living in London and, as the post says, I was stuck upstairs in our house as I wasn’t well enough to do stairs. You can check out the post here – 7 Boring Things I Wish I Could Do.

The reason I am mentioning that post is because if you look down the list, two of the things I mentioned; being able to get to the kitchen and being able to get to the front door, are now possible!

Now, these may seem like small things but for me they are massive. Just having the freedom and independence to get anywhere in our home that I need to is amazing. Yes, I still spend 22 to 23 hours a day lying in bed. But I can get to the front door to check for post (I even have my own front door key!), and I can get to the kitchen to get myself a bottle of water from the fridge.

The first few months we moved here, I was constantly (mostly) accidentally giving my parents frights by just appearing in the front room. They’d gotten so use to them having to come upstairs to see me that they didn’t ever expect me to come and see them (my dad did threaten to make me wear a bell at one point because I move so quietly).

I can also now get outside as our front room opens onto a lovely patio area. Previously, no matter how lovely the day was, I would have been stuck inside staring out the upstairs window at the sunshine but now I can go and lie down outside and even, if we pace it just right, have BBQs (which I’m sure, if you read my blog regularly, you’ve gotten bored of me mentioning every single time!)

I may still be housebound/bedbound but my world has grown so much in the last year. I realise this is a bit of a self-indulgent post. Yay Me and all that. But I just want people to know that everything can change, and it can change so quickly. From the first idea of moving to Guernsey to us actually living here was probably about six months. When I wrote that awareness post the idea of me being able to do any of those things were so far off and unbelievable to me. Hang in there: things change. I definitely recommend one level living if you’re down on energy for whatever reason.

Guernsey itself is lovely and peaceful and, while I really haven’t seen much of it other than the view from the front of our flat, I’m so happy we moved here.

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9 thoughts on “The Move – One Year On”

  1. Yaaaaaay 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I’m so glad your quality of life has improved slightly. And I’m always happy to hear about the bbqs!
    When we were looking at units, we looked at a set that were double story- I managed 2 flights of stairs and then had to be half carried back to the car, and had to work pretty hard not to throw up. We ruled out that option pretty quickly! As much as I’ve always wanted to be able to have a little balcony, its just not possible- I can’t even think how many times a day (when I’m not super sick) that I go to the kitchen. If we’d gotten a place with stairs, I’d either be iron woman or dead by now haha! Plus I’d have had to go downstairs to let the dogs outside.. I can’t even imagine it.
    I can’t believe it was a whole year ago that I made that card! That means I’ve had that awesome sparkly paper for a whole year! Lol

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      1. And my pin up board is covered in brown square cardboard cards 😀
        I can’t wait to see my birthday card this year!! I love so much that we both have Silhouettes. Sooooo much. No one else understands!!!

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