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SAL Update

I missed the last SAL as I was still recovering from my holiday and was too ill to get on the computer but I’m back with more cross stitch to show you all. We post every three weeks in our Stitch-A-Long and new people are always welcome to join in.

Before I went on holiday, I showed you all a cross stitch I had been working on based on a card design I’d made.

Well, the worst happened. After all my effort of sourcing thread in the same colour so that I would have enough to finish and after a few more hours of work it become obvious that something had gone wrong. And by something, I mean my counting.

I ran out of room in the middle.

letsnoteatcakeI started on the left side then, when I realised I didn’t have enough thread to do the whole thing, I switched to the other side thinking I could use a darker blue in the middle for a gradient effect. I eventually sourced more of the same colour but when I went to meet up in the middle I realised I had lost a whole inch! How did I miscount by so many?!? There was no room left for the A in CAKE.

This was the last picture I took before I threw the whole thing in the bin. It had taken me so many hours, and the fabric wasn’t even nice. It was some cheap horrible thing that kept slipping stitches under the weave. I just couldn’t bring myself to rip out so much work and redo it.

I will redo it at some point, (on nicer fabric and it’ll have to be in another colour as now even after sourcing more, I won’t have enough to do a new one in this colour) but I’ve moved onto something completely different for now to try to get my blood pressure under control!

Avis / Claire / Gun / Carole / Kate  / Wendy / Lucyanne / Cathy / Sue / Constanze

These are all the links of the other lovelies taking part in the SAL who you should check out and see what great stitching they have been up to.

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12 thoughts on “SAL Update”

  1. Ack! What a frustrating experience. All that work, down the drain (or in the bin as the case may be). Oh well, when you tackle it again you can be sure you have good fabric and sufficient thread and hopefully it will go much better.

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  2. That sounds truly frustrating, what a shame to loose all that hard work! Stay positive though, I’m sure your next try will be even better!

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  3. At least you’ve gained a valuable lesson from your poor old piece: Make sure you’ve got enough thread, work on a substrate you like, and start and one side and work across! The next one will go much quicker, and you’ll look back and laugh.

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  4. oh no! it’s awful when something like that happens!
    Like Avis, I do hope you’ll get up the courage to stitch this design again – I was really looking forward to seeing it completed


    1. It only became a problem when I was running out of thread and switched to the other side. If I had carried on as normal I’d have had enough room.


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