A Holiday in the Sun

I’m back. I’ve been ill pretty much all week so this is the first chance I have to really tell you about it. Where to start? Hmmm.

Well we started by flying from Guernsey back to London to stay at home for three nights to see family and friends. It was lovely catching up with them even if I only got to see them briefly as I had to pace and rest as much as possible so that I would be okay to go traveling again. If you’re reading this, I missed you all and it was lovely seeing you.

Then it was up at 6am to get to Stanstead to catch our flight out to Lanzarote. This bit didn’t go so well. Our flight was delayed by an hour and then when we finally got on the plane we sat there for another half an hour waiting. The four hour long flight is pretty much my maximum and my back is normally all seized up and in agony by the time we get there so this extra waiting time was not a good addition. Luckily, (with a little help from my parents) I remembered to take all my doses of ibuprofen and so while it was painful and uncomfortable I wasn’t in agony by the time we arrived at the villa.

Then HOLIDAY!WP_20160417_18_47_34_Pro

We eventually made it, no major mishaps with the hire car and we got there okay. Mum was in the pool before we could shout JUMP, and I was lying down attempting un-seize my back, leaving poor Dad to unpack and sort everything out!

We had a lovely week. Lots of food (outdoor BBQs which you can see, ice creams and chocolate galore), card games and films and, of course, many floats in the pool.

Speaking of ice creams, have any of you had Ice Cream Sandwiches? They don’t (as far as I know) sell them in the UK (I’ve looked), but we have them every time we go out to Lanzarote and they are YUM! I know they sell them in Ireland and in Spain, there must be a reason you can’t get them in England?

I didn’t leave the villa all week until home time came. We had to be out of the place by 10am so we had a couple of hours to kill (again not great on the back but not much to be done but pop pain pills) so headed out for breakfast at the local marina.

I went into a of couple shops for some souvenirs for friends (if you are one of those friends then I apologise for the growing mountains of Lanzarote trinkets that you have been getting over the years). Then we made our way to the airport to drop off our hire car and catch our flight. WP_20160421_10_12_05_Pro

I had wheelchair assistance, using our own wheelchair, for all four flights and everything went well. Although the spanish guy that picked me up from the plane, Lanzarote side, asked me why I was grumpy as I was on holiday! I told him I was tired and he apologised but honestly, it’s just my resting face!

We had another problem with flights on the way home. We had planned to stay a night at the airport in London before catching our second flight back to Guernsey. We checked out of the hotel after our night and went over to the airport. Hung around nearly two hours until our check in desk was announced, dropped our bags off, went through security and found out our flight had been delayed by two hours due to weather. Okay, so time for a long yummy lunch we thought (I had the roast chicken and chips) after which it was announced that our flight had been cancelled! Que lots of walking (or in my case wheeling) around in circles until we eventually ended up back at the hotel we had left that morning. The extra day definitely didn’t help me as I was already crashing and I was a major grump (for real this time) the next day when we finally got our flight home. We got back with five minutes to spare to watch the FA cup semi final which was the important thing.

WP_20160502_14_02_38_ProI read some books on holiday which and you can see my reviews of them here. And I also managed to crochet half a scarf. It’s sooo lovely and soft. It’s Tunisian crochet in the gobelin stitch. I’m using scraps of stylecraft DK that I’m trying to use up (hence the colour block effect) with a  6.5mm tunisian crochet hook.

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  1. I never found Ice Cream sandwiches in England either. Perhaps they originated in the U.S.
    Thanks for sharing your story, fellow warrior!

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