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Stitches All Over The Place (SAL)

It’s cross stitch time again! Who am I kidding? It’s always cross stitch time but, what I mean is, it’s time to share our cross stitches again. As part of our stitchalong we share what we have done every three weeks, the links to all of the other wonderful stitchers taking part are at the bottom of this post. You should check them all out and we have a new member too.

I started another new project this month. It’s based on a card I designed but I loved the card so much I thought it would make a great cross stitch pattern as well! Here’s what I’ve managed so far and the card it’s based on to give you an idea of what it will look like. It’s on 22 count fabric which is tiny and I think it’s pretty cheap as well as the thread keeps slipping between the weave but it still looks okay thankfully. 

letseatcakesal letseatcakecard

Unfortunately I ran out of thread. It’s from one of those cheap packs of thread you buy in craft stores so it’s been pretty difficult to try to find the same colour to finish it off. In the end I had to order another pack of them from america but they haven’t arrived yet. It’s extra annoying as I’ve been going through these threads trying to use them up and now I’m going to have more of them! Oh well, serves me right for not making sure I had enough before I started I guess.

In the meantime, while I’ve been waiting for that thread to arrive, I went back to my last SAL and changed the font for ‘Life’ like I had been planning too. I think it goes a lot better now. The picture from the previous SAL is on the left and the new one is on the right.

lifeisagame lifeisagamesal

It’s done, the pattern is finished, all I have to do is wash and frame it. The frame I ordered arrived last week but the glass had been smashed in two so that will take a little longer than planned. But once that is done I’ll photograph it properly and it will be my first cross stitch pattern in my etsy shop.

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9 thoughts on “Stitches All Over The Place (SAL)”

  1. Your decision to take out and re-stitch ‘Life’ was a good one. It has more impact now. Well done! Sure hope the thread you have coming matches what you’ve already stitched from your card – that was another great idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

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