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Life is a Game SAL


It’s time for me to show you all what I’ve been working on these last few weeks.

This is the first pattern that I have designed myself and I’m quite happy with it so far. I’ve finished the first go but I think I am going to go back and change the font I used for ‘Life’ to the font I used for ‘football’ as I just don’t think the font I used goes with the rest of the piece.

There were a few small changes along the way too, more to do with spacing or a stitch in a different place that I made a note of and am going to go back and change in the pattern too.

I was a bit worried about the colour changes in the word ‘GAME’ but I think they came out okay in the end. It’s not as abrupt as I was fearing. I really should have taken a better picture as it’s all crumpled but I’ll save that for when it’s done and framed. That’s my excuse anyway!

I did it on 16 count AIDA fabric in oatmeal, which wasn’t as dark as I was expecting so the white pitch lines don’t show up as well, but I think it still works okay.

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These are the others taking part in the three-weekly Stitch-A-Long and you should check out their links to see what awesome projects they’ve been up to.

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15 thoughts on “Life is a Game SAL”

    1. Which Derby are you talking about? Just watched the Manchester derby on tv 🙂 it’s definitely a very serious thing!


    1. I’ve revised all the adjustments to the pattern and changed the font now but haven’t re-stitched that part yet. Unpicking stitches is so hard!


      1. Haha! I never go back and fix the small mistakes. My whole thing is off by one stitch? Who cares. But I’ve changed a large section completely here so it’d be very obvious.

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      1. I think you did a great job! What software did you use for charting (just out of curiosity) or did you do it with pencil and paper?

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      2. Thanks. I used PC stitch (10? I think). It’s the first one I’ve designed using it so it’s pretty easy to use. I wouldn’t have the patience to do it by hand!


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