Christmas Decorations

We went out a couple of weeks ago to get Christmas decorations for our new flat (we left everything we had behind). And last weekend, we finally got around to decorating the tree. The close ups are of some of my favourite decorations, although there are so many lovely ones that I could have taken a dozen photos.

The place we went to get them was basically a massive garden centre that had other thing as well. It had clothes, shoes, and a pets sections but about half of it was converted into a winter wonderland selling (very expensive) Christmas decorations. It also had a very nice cafe/restaurant part that sold yummy chocolate milkshakes (I just couldn’t resist!) They had the cutest little, black bunnies in the pet section, I wish I took some photos for you to share as they were adorable but I felt weird enough sitting there in my wheelchair watching them for ten minutes without taking my phone out to take pictures while everyone watched.

We spent a lot longer than we anticipated there and I definitely paid for it for the next week or so but it was worth it to get out of the flat. And our flat looks so christmassy now. Every time I go into the living room the Christmas tree is there to great me.

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