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Hogwarts Crest SAL update

Time for another cross stitch update. I reckon I’m about half way through now. And quickly running out of time to finish it. I’ve put nearly every other craft on hold (although with Christmas coming this won’t last long!). Here’s where I was last time:sal3

This time I’ve very nearly finished all the crest off. Just a handful of stitches on the badger and then the four knots for eyes still need to be done. But I’ve managed to do the bottom banner and the backstitching for the words and around the crest itself. I’ve never done back stitching before and had a bit of trouble with it as I kept accidentally pulling it out as there is no way to secure the thread behind like I do with cross stitches. I got there in the end though.sal

Will be moving on to do the top banner with ‘HOGWARTS’ on next, unfortunately I think it has as many stitched in it as the whole crest so far! I’m thinking I might run out of yellow before the end but that is easily bought. It’s taken me three and a half months to get this far and I reckon I only have about one and  a half to finish it if I want to give it as a present as planned. Bit panicked here. Fingers crossed.

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