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This is a new post that I will be doing towards the end of each month as just a kind of update on a bunch of personal life things rather than splitting them into multiple posts. It will include books I’ve read, crafts I’ve done, and other general stuff that’s been going on with me.

Books read: 4

Angelfall by Susan Ee  *****

This book surprised me as I don’t normally like books that have a romance subplot so tend to stay away from books with female leads because of this but I really enjoyed this book. In fact it’s got quite a few things that I don’t like in a book in it but I still liked it anyway. I got it for cheap as it was on offer but I will probably read the rest of the series too.

The Giver by Lois Lowry *****

This is one that I’ve heard a lot about and has been on my radar for a while now. I finally got around to reading it as, again, it was on offer and I wanted to read it before I saw the film. I quite liked it, it felt a bit basic and it’s a pretty short book and while I don’t think it’s anything amazingly special and it didn’t have that much going on, I did enjoy reading it.

Red Seas under Red Skies by Scott Lynch *****

This is the second book in the Gentleman Bastards series by Lynch, I loved the first. I love the main character. He’s my exact favourite type of main character and I could read a hundred stories based around the same type of character and not get bored. so I’m slightly biased. But this is a great book with lots of twists and turns (and lots of swearing).

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman *****

I also got this book on offer (anyone notice a kindle spending spree happening here?)  and enjoyed reading this book but while it was fun and interesting it felt a little juvenile to me. Between the vampires, werewolves, the Fae and all the different types of magical powers I kind of felt like the author was trying to fit all her favourite things from kids stories into one. It turns out alright, it’s a coherent story with good enough characters but I probably won’t be reading the sequels.


I haven’t started any new crafts this month although I have looked up many that I want to do. That list gets longer everyday. I’m starting to look up Christmas trinket ideas for friends, but whether I will ever get around to them in amongst all the other things we will have to wait and see. I’ve managed to do lots more on my Hogwarts cross stitch which you can see an update of next week. And I’ve done a couple more squares on a new blanket idea that I’m pretending I’m not doing so I don’t get overwhelmed!

New Toys:

Moving house and getting rid of stuff inevitably means buying new things. Oops. This month I’ve bought a wireless mouse that I can use while I’m lying in bed and a new sleeveless hoodie to wear when I’m lying outside. Both were really cheap and from amazon (one of the few shops that delivers here). I’ve also bought a load of wrapping paper in preparation for Christmas and have started looking at buying Christmas presents. I’ve managed to not buy myself anymore yarn…yet.


I mentioned the move a couple weeks ago, so I’ll just talk about settling in since then. Everything is slowly coming together, small pieces of furniture are still to arrive (chest of drawers I’m looking at you!) but I’ve settled into a routine now that internet and tv is all sorted. I’ve been out a couple of times to eat, mainly near the start where we didn’t have food or tv to watch the football match! But mostly I’m enjoying just being able to move around the new flat and sit outside if the weather is sunny.

That’s my month, I hope you are all having a good one.

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