Hogwarts Cross Stitch SAL update

It’s time to share my progress on my cross stitch project once again. This was where I had gotten to last time I shared, this is actually from 5 weeks ago rather than three as I queued it up early. The move went really well, I made a post about it earlier this week if you wanted to read more about it. sal2This time I’ve made quite a lot of progress, although I missed about two weeks with the move, I ended up without internet for quite a while so I’ve been more productive. I’m also starting to worry about getting it finished as it’s suppose to be a present and the deadline is looming. sal3I feel like I’m nearly finished the crest part which will be step one down and I’m very excited about seeing it finished. It was probably the most fun part of the project and I’m hoping I won’t get bored or bogged down doing the two banners above and below it. I still need to go back and do back stitch around the crest and add the eyes, though I’ve never done the knots before so will have to look that up.

You should check out all of the other lovely projects people are doing in the SAL on the links below, we update every three weeks but sometimes not everyone does it every time but you should still check their blogs out.

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