The Move

It’s been nearly a month since we moved out of our house and went on the road to get to our new flat. So, I thought I would do a post about it all. I am going to start doing a monthly post called ‘The Memo Pad’ towards the end of each month summing up any events or things that have happened that month, crafts I may have started, books that I have read, things I might have (hopefully not) bought. But I feel like so much has happened with the move this month that I would write about the actual move in its own post then everything since in the Memo Pad in a couple weeks.

So first up, removal guys came on a Wednesday morning. They were really great and very quiet as Dad had told them I wasn’t well and was asleep. I didn’t really hear them until about 11am when Dad came in to wake me up anyway as they needed to pack my room! This was what one of the rooms looked like less than a month ago! Packing and sorting 23 years worth of everything was madness.


They were finished and gone by 2pm so we had lunch then I shuffled down to the car and we left our old house.We drove down to Poole which was about a 4 hour drive with a stop at service station, and checked into our first hotel near the ferry port ready for our ferry the next morning. We stayed in a premier inn and it was very nice! The restaurant next door served amazing food. I had a lasagna and chips and it was so good that I unfortunately (or fortunately as I’m suppose to be on a bit of a diet) didn’t have room for any of the yummy sounding desserts. My back had pretty much completely seized up by then from having to sit up for a few hours so I went to bed.

Next morning, earlier than I would like, we had to get up for the ferry. I skipped breakfast because getting up at half 9 to leave is one thing but getting up at 8 for breakfast is quite another! We drove to the ferry fine as it was only about 10 minutes away. And I had some breakfast on the ship once we were settled. Then went out the back of the ferry onto the open deck to wave goodbye to England. It was a typical drizzly summer day!goodbye england

We arrived in Guernsey after a few hours and drove to the next hotel. We had lunch in the room as luckily they had room service and I was definitely flagging at this point. My parents left after this to pick up our new keys. And I was blissfully unaware of anything until I had to get up for dinner. Again, we went to the restaurant next door to the hotel and had yummy food. The food was posher this time though so I had room for dessert! Brownies and Ice cream. Yum.

Then the next morning parents left early to let removal men into our new flat and came back to pick me up from the hotel at check out time. A much more respectable 12pm. And this is the view from our living room.


But no rest yet as we had to make our beds. Well, we had to make my bed. My parents slept on their mattress on the floor for the first night! Bless. Here is my finished bed. Remember kids. Pack a hammer next time you move!


The last couple weeks we have slowly been unpacking everything and settling in. Still things to be done here and there but I’m loving everything so far!

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