Looks like we’re moving!

I recently found out that we (My parents and I) will be moving to the Channel Islands in a couple of months time. I’ve never moved before. Yep. spent all 22 (nearly 23) years of my life in this here house. But that’s all going to change very soon.

Having spent my whole life in one place I have way too much stuff that has accumulated over that time and only 2 or 3 months to get ready to move. Add my rather severe ME on top of that and i’m sure you can see why this is a massive thing for me.

I’ve started going through things bit by bit already. And by I, I mean I’ve lay there while my mum has gone through stuff for me but I can still only manage this in small portions. We are going to have a front garden sale this weekend to try to get rid of the first lot of stuff.

It’s been quite cathartic getting rid of years of stuff but also quite depressing as well. Most of the things we’ve been through so far have been arts and crafts and i’m only getting rid as I know I am not well and won’t be well enough to use them any time in the future.

But the silver lining I guess is that the money we raise from the sale will go to Invest in ME. (And of course that there will be more room in the new place for the crafts I can manage!)

Some of the stuff we’ve found has been quite funny. I have massive tins of silver and gold powder paint from when I was about 3 years old. I’ve also found 4 sets of watercolours and a basically unused set of tubes of watercolours too. Who needs 5 loads of watercolours? I’m not sure but I certainly don’t seeing as I don’t even like watercolours!

I’ve also taken over 50 books off my bookshelves ready to sell. My shelves are looking quite bare at the moment but I’ve kept all the books I might want to read again or am simply too attached to let go of (I can tell you now that there are definitely more than 50 of them!). I will be getting a kindle next month for my birthday (did I mention that before? I’m mega excited to get it, I’ve never used an E-reader before) so it’s not like I will be running out of books to read. Speaking of which, I will be doing a look at my To Read shelf soon, and you can help me decide which books to read first to get through them before my kindle arrives/I depart.

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