cross stitch

Finished Cross Stitch

If you’re following me on twitter you have probably already seen this as I couldn’t wait to share but I’ve finally finished my first ever cross stitch project!

I ended up changing part of the pattern quite a lot and used 4 colours instead of the 5 the pattern called for but I think it came out great. I’m really happy that i’ve found another craft that I’m able to do at my rather low energy levels and I enjoyed doing this so much.

The pattern is from here, and is based on my favourite house from Game of Thrones. It’s quite simple as I wanted something I wasn’t going to go wrong with, lots of straight lines help I think (I still managed to go wrong on the spacing of the letters but you can’t tell so shhhh!).

WP_20150511_15_48_42_ProI’ve got another pattern lined up, all kitted out and ready to do whenever I get the chance to start it but it looks like life is going to get a bit busier for me over the next couple of months and the pattern is very much more complicated and bigger than this one so that will probably take me a year!

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