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Attempt 1 at using a knitting Loom

I got a load of Knitting Looms as a Christmas present this year but only managed to use them for the first time this last week. I had to recover from Christmas for example but also, I knew that if I started another project before I finished the squares to my blanket I would never finish it and that would be a massive waste of over a years work!

But two weeks ago, I finished the squares, all 160 of them. My aunt had told me once I had finished she would help me start sewing them all together so I had to wait for half term to start that, which meant I had some craft time that wasn’t dedicated to my blanket to fill.

So, I thought, woo, Loom time.


Now, although I couldn’t spend craft time looming, I had been spending some time browsing loom patterns and tutorials online to see what i would want to make first. I decided on this tutorial by Tuteate on YouTube. There are loads of other good tutorials on their channel but this is the kind of hat that I would wear so I figured this was as good a place to start as any. I had my loom and my yarn and was ready to go.


The pattern I choose had two different stitches, a knit and purl. When you complete the rows, you fold it over on its self and using a yarn needle you sew up the edge. I found it very easy to do, it can be quite tiring to start with until I got use to the movements and found a position I was comfortable in but overall I found it used a lot less energy than traditional two needle knitting does.Taken with Lumia Selfie

I’m rather happy with the finished result, even though I made a couple mistakes at the start (I suggest keeping a stitch marker handy until you can recognise where you decreased last time, I’m rubbish at remembering). I’ve already ordered some new yarn to make a hat for my friend.

WP_20150209_20_58_14_Pro 2

What do you think? I’m excited to try more things with the other looms as well. I got a pack of 4 different sized circle looms and a long loom so i’m thinking I might try a scarf on the long loom after i’ve made the second hat. Have you tried using the looms? Do you have a favourite thing to make on them? Or any questions about using them you want me to answer?


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